Westward Ho Folks

This blog chronicled (via a diary and photos) a trip that Terry and his wife Stefi took across the U.S. singing in nursing homes. The trip has since concluded and we are now living full-time for the Lord in a mission, serving the needy and homeless.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Silver City, New Mexico

Sorry for not posting for such a long time, but many events have transpired since our arrival. The greatest thing is that we had to live in "Honey" for only two weeks before moving into a wonderful three bedroom home right in the middle of Silver City, and it is all God's doing.
We have always been inclined to volunteering. One day I read in the paper where this volunteer agency was asking for volunteers. The next day I called, and it was suggested that I call the Silver City Gospel Misson. I did, and we met the director the following day. That evening he invited us to church...and we went. As it usually goes in most churches, there is a time when you place money in the offering plate. The thing was, we were down to our literal last seven dollars. When the plate came by, the Lord prompted us to "Put it all in the plate!" "Excuse me Lord, this is all we have." Again He said "Put it all in the plate!" Who am I to argue with the Lord, so we plopped all we had in the plate.
The next day the ministry director called us into his office to share with us the vision of the ministry. A few minutes later he made a startling offer. "In addition to the mission (where food and clothing is given to the homeless) we have a homeless shelter next door, and I am in need of a House Manager...would you be interested in moving into it tomorrow?"
The move in took place a week ago, and we have lent our backs and hands to a massive clean-up effort, but today (Sunday) the "Sierra House" has new life and is clean. Furthermore, we have one young man living with us that is court ordered for the next six months...giving us an opportunity for ministry and nurturing.
All glory and praise to the Lord for opening this wonderful door of opportunity, and we trust we'll be here for a long time to come.
Stay tuned !