Westward Ho Folks

This blog chronicled (via a diary and photos) a trip that Terry and his wife Stefi took across the U.S. singing in nursing homes. The trip has since concluded and we are now living full-time for the Lord in a mission, serving the needy and homeless.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Clearwater, Kansas

This small rural Kansas town has some of the greatest Quail hunting around. Some years back I raised German Shorthair Pointers, and would always take them to Clearwater with some of my buddies. On one particular outing we four of us bagged about 30 Quail, and one of my pointers retrieved every one of them.
Todays show was exceptional because we got to sing through our new system...hurrayyyy.
This is actually the first of two shows today...the next one is in Mulvane, Kansas.
Our camera is working again, but we are using the internet in a library in a small town. Once we get settled, I will go back and post some pics.
Stay tuned!