Westward Ho Folks

This blog chronicled (via a diary and photos) a trip that Terry and his wife Stefi took across the U.S. singing in nursing homes. The trip has since concluded and we are now living full-time for the Lord in a mission, serving the needy and homeless.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Andover, Kansas

As of yesterday we were undecided if we should pursue our goal and continue on to New Mexico, or remain in Kansas.
Today, after quite a talk with my dad, the decision has been made to go on to New Mexico in pursuit of our dreams and goals. Stefi and I are artist and musicians, and we have longed to live in an artist community. In addition to singing, Stefi is a professional psychic, and wants to set up a store front to do palm readings. As for me, I am a gifted leather crafter, and hope to be in the same store with her.
As for our shows, we performed at Sunflower Meadows today...our first house party. It was very small, and only a handful of residents, but a little over halfway through the program, two of them suddenly got up and started dancing. Cleo (a man) grabbed Stefi by the hand and they both kicked up their heels, all the while she was singing. I then grabbed Bessy's hands, and we started twirling around. How fun was that?
Tomorrow (for the first time) we have two shows in the same day...one in the morning and one in the afternoon.
On another note, after searching high and low at numerous Goodwill's, I finally found a new 8-track tape player. You see, Stefi and I grew up in that era, and I kept all my tapes. So flying down the road we go in Honey now with our old John Denver (Rocky Mountain High) tapes blaring out the windows.

Ohhhhh...I just about forgot a very important announcement...I got my camera back today.....YEAHHHHHHH !!!
Stay tuned!