Westward Ho Folks

This blog chronicled (via a diary and photos) a trip that Terry and his wife Stefi took across the U.S. singing in nursing homes. The trip has since concluded and we are now living full-time for the Lord in a mission, serving the needy and homeless.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Warwick, New York

Located firty-five miles north of New York City sits the distinctly rural town of Warwick...complete with rolling hills and dotted red barns.
Our timing was perfect because their 16th annual Applefest was in full swing with its Victorian charm.
The show itself was wonderful, and our singing was mostly on pitch and tempo. The residents really got into it; singing right along with us on many songs. One resident named Joe, had a notable bad disposition to many of the past singers, and we were told by the staff afterward that, “Joe sometimes gets violent with our performers.” During the program, not knowing this, Terry offered one of his maracas to Joe, and Joe got right into the music. In fact, on many of the songs, Joe was overheard blurting out “Oh yeahhhhh.” We videotape all our performances, and make them available to each facility.
Stay tuned for our next show at Valley View in Goshen, NY, on July 4th.